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Industrial power solutions you can depend on

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a National Grid service that can use your standby power system to provide additional power generation during periods of peak demand, allowing generator owners to reduce their total cost of ownership, or generate an extra income from new and existing hardware.


Payments can be made using an availability (£/MW/h) or utilisation (£/MWh) structure, giving you maximum flexibility when choosing how to best utilise your existing power generation systems. Typical terms (which can be tailored) provide the National Grid with run times of up to two hours per call, plus response time. Calls typically last around one hour and amount to approximately 50–60 hours of running per year.


For standby diesel generators, STOR is the largest incremental revenue opportunity, with the lowest relative impact on generator run hours and the lowest exposure to fuel price risk of any premium energy activity.

Take full advantage of your existing install

STOR contracts are only tendered for generator sets that are proven and meet a range of specifications. These include:


  • The ability to deliver full MW rating within 240 minutes or less from receiving instructions from National Grid

  • Provide full MW rating for at least 2 hours when instructed

  • Have a Recovery Period after provision of Reserve of not more than 1200 minutes (20 hours)


Generator Power Systems can guide your company through the entire certification process, including the initial engineering and equipment surveys, upgrading existing equipment, new generator installations, ongoing maintenance and the final contract with National Grid.

STOR compatibility


If your company is considering STOR as an alternative revenue stream, or interested in unlocking the potential value of your install, please contact us for more information.

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