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Industrial power solutions you can depend on

We can provide hire generators for any industrial or commercial purpose, including festivals and other temporary large-scale events. With our headquarters in Witham, Essex, we are in easy reach of central London and across the South East, but offer all our services, including generator hire, across the UK. With Generator Power Systems you can be assured that your generator will be delivered, installed and maintained effectively throughout the hire period without complication.


We pride ourselves on excellent service and our in-house generator maintenance programme ensures that our hire generators provide optimum efficiency and reliability.


We offer a comprehensive choice of gensets ranging from 20kVA to 2.0MVA. Generator Power Systems can provide single and three phase generators which are sound proofed to current EC standards, have industrial power sockets and busbar connection points as well as industrial earth leakage protection as standard. All generators have weatherproof enclosures consisting of fully lockable access doors and clear, accurate, easy to use instrumentation panels.

Generator Hire

If you rely on a standby generator it is vital that it is regularly checked and tested under mains failure conditions (and at full load) to evaluate both the systems robustness and effectiveness. Generator Power Systems can test your equipment under a variety of loads, identifying any weaknesses or problems within the system. This allows us to recommend and implement corrective preventative action before a power failure occurs. Loadbanks can test:


  • Your generator engine’s ability to provide the required power during normal conditions

  • The alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage stability under varying loads

  • The efficiency of the control systems under varying load

  • Whole system performance

  • Oil and fuel pressure

Loadbank Hire



Load bank testing will generally improve generator performance, as it will remove deposits from internal workings (such as pistons and casings) that build up over time. These are caused by ‘light-running’ (at loads less than 30%) and reduce a generators effectiveness and reliability.


All tests come with a full written report of the results and any work completed/recommended. Please contact us for further details.