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Industrial power solutions you can depend on

Generator Power Systems can design and manufacture custom-built panels exactly to your specification. Our suppliers are industry leaders and we guarantee the quality of your control panel build. This service includes all control systems such as Auto and Manual PLC based synchronising panels and AMF/ATS panels with switchgear as necessary for synchronisation and changeover operations.


Your control panels will be carefully planned by our specialist electrical engineers to ensure their construction closely follows both British standards and your requirements. All of our control panels, distribution boards and changeover panels are completed 'in-house', meaning you receive the highest quality finished product before careful installation.


Should your control system develop a potential fault or need repair, Generator Power Systems can provide you with one of our specialist electrical engineers to rectify this and get your system back up and running. All our engineers are equipped with the latest software and parts, and can obtain software and hardware for legacy/outdated systems. We also offer annual service contracts covering the maintenance and repairs required on your complete generator setup, in particular inspecting control panels for signs of wear or damage and conducting a full mains fail test.

Reliability built-in

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Due to technological advances, there are many benefits to upgrading to a more supportable, versatile control system. The most important of these include increased reliability, and substantially lower maintenance/repair costs for your standby power system. Control panels over 10 years old are increasingly difficult to support, and any work involving these incurs much higher costs as a result. New panels also offer greater versatility, allowing you to add extra capacity to your install and make the most of your existing hardware.

Control System Upgrades

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a national grid service that can use your standby power system to provide additional power generation during periods of peak demand, unlocking an extra revenue stream for your company. Generator Power Systems can provide the support, guidance, and advanced control systems to facilitate this.


If your control panels are over 10 years old, you require new control panels or are interested in STOR compatibility, please contact us for a competitive upgrade quote.

STOR compatibility